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Troubleshooting Brother Printers | Resolve Brother Printer Issues


Despite the fact that Brother Printer drivers are one of the most popular printer brands in the world, you may have problems when using them. Apart from printing and scanning documents, it provides a variety of services. You can choose from a variety of printer models depending on your needs. These printers differ in terms of configuration and size. When you have an issue with your Brother printer, follow these troubleshooting steps to get it fixed. We've listed some strategies in this article that you can try to get your Brother printer back in working order. 

What Are the Causes of Brother Printer Issues? 

We've included the most common issues that people have with Brother Printers, as well as the likely reasons of these issues. 

Brother Printer Offline or Paused Status: If your printer is offline or paused, you may not be able to operate it correctly. Brother printer offline troubles are most commonly caused by a bad network connection or the installation of a defective printer driver. Brother Printer Paper Jam: Paper might get stuck within the printer, causing undesired impressions on the prints or interfering with the printing process. 

You may check for blocked paper or scraps by opening parts of your Brother printer and inspecting it. Brother Printer Won't Scan: Whether you're having trouble scanning your papers, see if there's a problem with the scanner driver's network settings. The problem of a Brother printer not scanning in Windows 10 can be caused by an inaccurate Brother Printer IP address, a bad connection, or some firewall settings. 

How can I fix a Brother printer that won't print? 

  • To fix difficulties with your printer, use any of the following Brother printer troubleshooting instructions. These Brother Printer Troubleshooting techniques will undoubtedly restore your printer's functionality:
  • Check the power supply first. It's critical to have enough power for your printer because it'll solve a lot of problems.
  • Turn your printer off and on again, as this will enable you to resolve a variety of issues.
  • You should inspect network/USB cables and USB ports on a regular basis because any fault in them might cause a lot of inconvenience.
  • Check to see that your system has all of the latest printer drivers. If an obsolete driver is discovered, uninstall it and reinstall the most recent version.
  • Ascertain that the devices are connected properly, as this will resolve the disagreement between them.
  • If there is a paper jam inside the printer's body, as previously stated. Paper Jams or Paper Scraps can cause Brother Printer drum errors, which can be resolved by removing them.

Still having problems? If you're still having issues after trying the steps above, consult the Brother Printer Troubleshooting User Guide. The user guide contains all of the information you'll need to troubleshoot your printer. To resolve your issues, you can also contact Brother's technical support team.


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